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Updated Our Price Match Guarantee

Posted by Peter S on

Hi All! We updated our price match guarantee because we want to ensure that you will be getting the lowest prices on the net. Guaranteed. As an online store, we don't have the overhead or additional costs like a traditional brick and mortar gallery or store will have. 

We also see our competitors cutting prices and honestly, as a small operation it's hard to keep up. So instead of getting into a 'race to the bottom' so to speak, we updated our price match guarantee to match our competitors prices while also giving you an additional 5% discount on that specific piece.

For example: If we are selling a canvas at $50 but you find it for sale at $45. We will match the price at $45 and give you an additional 5% Discount. Your new total is: $42.75!

Here at Mighty Paintings, we value you and your wallet so we will do our best to make sure that you are happy!

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